Press Braking

metal bending machine

Press Braking Capabilities

When your sheet metal or wire project needs multiple or complex bends, Dayton Wire Products’ custom press braking capabilities can deliver. As a customer, you can hand us a drawing and say “this is the exact angle you need to hit,” and we’ll be able to.

We have a large on-hand selection of custom tooling that works with both sheet metal and wire, which allows us to quickly produce all different types of bends – on any material up to 72″ long. And if we don’t have the correct tooling on-hand, we’re able to machine it in-house, further ensuring we can handle almost any press braking need you may have.

Press braking is used in conjunction with our many other capabilities to deliver all kinds of precise products for various applications and industries, including custom signage – and even complete retail displays.

We can handle jobs of nearly any volume. For example, we can press brake large runs of up to 100,000 pieces, or we can press brake a one-off custom piece. And because we have multiple press brakes under our roof, we can simultaneously run multiple projects of various sizes at one time.

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