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Welding Capabilities

The majority of jobs that go through our facility are in need of professional-quality welding. Whether they’re realistic prototypes of one-off, custom large assemblies or 5,000-piece long runs where each piece must precisely match, Dayton Wire Product experts are able to weld and fabricate to spec. Our welding team is lead by industry experts with more than 25 years of experience.

Regardless of your final product, you can rely on our welding and fabrication expertise to produce can’t-fail high-profile pieces with repeatable tight tolerances. We specialize in exceptional welding and fabrication for these applications and more:

Custom retail displays
Custom-formed metal products

More specifically, some of our welding and fabrication product specialties include:

• Retail store wire signage
• Various parts of retail store fixtures and displays, including table tops, legs and bases, as well as racks
• Tube-made structural fixtures that support various retail signage
• Various large metal fixtures that support and/or affix retail signage to roofs
• Large awning frames for major grocers and other retailers
• Sheet metal to cover complex in-store wooden displays
• Brackets of all types

Demanding industries, including automotive, aerospace, restaurant, retail, medical and heavy truck, also rely on our work. And while we can weld all standard metals and more, we do have specialties, including:

• Aluminum
• Steel
• Stainless steel
• Titanium

Unlike many fabricators, we can weld and fabricate pieces made of wire, sheet metal and tube using any of these welding processes:

• Automated welding
• Manual MIG/TIG welding
• Spot welding (which we expertly execute for highly detailed wire projects that require many welds where wires cross, such as wire baskets or grids)

Plus, our welding expertise complements all of our (many) other capabilities, which allows us to handle your most complex projects all under our roof – greatly shortening your lead times and reducing overall price.

Contact us today for a free quote and to discuss your next project requiring expert welding and fabrication..