Retail Products

custom made wire retail display racks

Custom Retail Displays – Made to Order

Our specialties go far beyond the “wire products” called out in our name, and nowhere is that made more evident than in the wide range of custom retail products we make. If you need a custom piece made out of metal for a retail environment, we can conceptualize it, engineer it and produce it all under our roof.

Some of the one-of-a-kind metal retail products we create for current customers include:

• Components for displays
• Components for fixtures
• Entire displays
• Entire fixtures
• Hooks
• Racks
• Shelving
• Signage
• Table parts and tabletops
• Tube frames
• Wall panels

Many of our retail-ready pieces are fabricated with such precision that they can be paired with premium materials, such as marble, to display high-end luxury goods. And you can rely on all of our retail products to endure heavy usage in any commercial space.

We expertly create metal retail products out of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper for:

• Cafés
• Convenience stores
• Department stores
• Grocery stores
• Restaurants
• Specialty stores and boutiques

One-Off and Small Custom Orders Are a Specialty

Many of the orders we receive are for one-offs or products in low volumes with fast turnarounds. If you need a complex, custom metal part or a small batch of parts for a standout retail display or fixture, we have the expert welding capabilities to deliver beyond your expectations. But what sets us apart from other fabricators is that we specialize in creating products for retail environments, not industrial, which means we pay extra-close attention to aesthetics and details.

Plus, we have the “wire factor.” In instances where other fabricators would outsource the wire components that enhance custom tube or sheet metal displays and fixtures, we have the ability to concept, design, engineer and produce them in our shop. This saves you money and time.

Repeatable, High-Volume Orders – Also a Specialty

If you need large production runs of sheet metal, tube and/or wire retail products of up to 10,000 pieces, we have you covered here, too. Similar to one-off custom products, we can concept, engineer and produce products that are manufactured in high volumes all under our roof.

And if you need a wire retail display, like those pictured below, we can go much further. We have the expertise in wire and the streamlined manufacturing processes to also paint, pack, kit and ship these displays directly to thousands of stores.

Floor Displays

rolling floor display rack


hanging display rack


countertop sauce cup rack


spinning display rack

Point of Sale

point of sale display rack


spinning display rack

“We Just Take Care of It”

Regardless of whether you need a complex custom retail product or a large run of wire displays, you only need to give us an idea and we’ll take care of the rest.

Customers choose us because we’re easy to work with. We understand that you don’t have the time to sweat the details, so we’ve built a team of experts who can be entrusted with any metal retail product need.

When you partner with us, you’ll quickly find out that we’re committed to flexibility, which guarantees we can deliver under demanding deadlines without compromising quality.

We would love to partner with you to develop or produce your next retail display. Contact us today and let us “just take care of it.”